Impressions and Reflections from Athens

Less than a week ago, I looked on as people in Athens’ Syntagma Square danced and proudly waved Greek flags in jubilation after voting no to Europe-imposed austerity. Polls confirmed that their side prevailed overwhelmingly nationwide in the historic referendum on whether Greeks should accept the most recent memorandum proposed by the European leadership. A … Continue reading Impressions and Reflections from Athens

Don’t Shoot Hermes: A Conversation with a Greek Journalist

"Violence is not something that concerns only journalists; it exists on a more general level." In part one of this series focusing on the state of media freedom in Greece, I speak with Mathaios Papoikonomou-Sideris,  an international news editor at, a Greek news web site. I met Mathaios in France through a mutual friend, … Continue reading Don’t Shoot Hermes: A Conversation with a Greek Journalist

Turks and Kurds: How to Curtail Ongoing Violence?

The Kurds have been in the news recently, with peace negotiations between Abdullah Ocalan, the Kurdistan Worker's Party's (PKK) jailed leader, and the Turkish government supposedly in the works. Following a very public funeral with thousands of guests for the three Kurdish activists who were shot in Paris, people on both sides are pointing suspicious … Continue reading Turks and Kurds: How to Curtail Ongoing Violence?

Six Noteworthy Things About Obama’s Gun Control Speech

1. Invoking of the U.S. Constitution. President Obama invoked the U.S. Constitution in supporting tougher measures aimed at decreasing gun violence in America, the same document often used by proponents of gun ownership in defending their rights to bear arms. He stated that  "we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights that no man … Continue reading Six Noteworthy Things About Obama’s Gun Control Speech

Questions following the Hagel nomination

More questions for Senator Hagel After avoiding a nomination fight over U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, President Obama has decided to keep his gloves on and elbows up by nominating former Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. Controversy surrounds the pick. To many conservatives, Hagel, who initially supported the Iraq War but later likened it to … Continue reading Questions following the Hagel nomination

Drill, Don’t Quarrel

In its recent article, “Drill or Quarrel?” The Economist draws conclusions that are far from natural.Although the article laments “political fractiousness” as a complication to capitalizing on the Southeast Mediterranean’s natural gas supply, it creates a political issue where there is none. By giving credence to Turkish claims on gas fields between Cyprus and Israel, the … Continue reading Drill, Don’t Quarrel