Less than a week ago, I looked on as people in Athens’ Syntagma Square danced and proudly waved Greek flags in jubilation after voting no to Europe-imposed austerity. Polls confirmed that their side prevailed overwhelmingly nationwide in the historic referendum on whether Greeks should accept the most recent memorandum proposed by the European leadership. A […]

    By the end of today, the 2nd Congressional District in Illinois will have a replacement for Jesse Jackson, Jr. Someone new will occupy the seat held for 17 years by Jackson, Jr., though the legacy of the powerful, well-connected predecessor will certainly loom over the new representative. Robin Kelly is widely expected to win […]

Snow storm Saturn bid adieu to the Dakotas and charged through Chicago Tuesday. Here’s what it looked like: Geese in Grant Park: Metra Lines between Columbus and Michigan: Michigan Ave: Grant Park, Lincoln Monument: Lincoln Park: Downtown, Water Tower Place:      Lake Shore Drive:   Museum of Contemporary Art: Lake Shore Park:      […]

I spent two days last week at a historic Chicago location where many people hope they never will have to go. Fortunes are decided at this place, and its neighboring building is a stark reminder to many who come here of one possible outcome of these determinations. That place is the Cook County Courthouse on […]

From my post on the Hellenic American Leadership Council Blog: Today marks the 17th anniversary of the Imia crisis, a showdown between Greece and Turkey over a couple small islets in the Aegean that brought the two countries to the brink of war.  Though armed conflict was ultimately averted, the crisis set the tone for […]

“Violence is not something that concerns only journalists; it exists on a more general level.” In part one of this series focusing on the state of media freedom in Greece, I speak with Mathaios Papoikonomou-Sideris,  an international news editor at newsbeast.gr, a Greek news web site. I met Mathaios in France through a mutual friend, […]

In light of recent attacks targeting Greek journalists and from speaking to journalists in Greece about the state of media freedom within the country, I will be starting a series of posts addressing the issue of media freedom in Greece. I find it terribly ironic that a country that takes pride in its creating democracy […]