Don’t Shoot Hermes – A series on the state of media freedom in Greece

In light of recent attacks targeting Greek journalists and from speaking to journalists in Greece about the state of media freedom within the country, I will be starting a series of posts addressing the issue of media freedom in Greece. I find it terribly ironic that a country that takes pride in its creating democracy is seeing violence towards those who are supposed to serve as information-bearers to the people and watchdogs of government. 

The following questions will be the subject of my investigation:

  • Why are journalists being attacked? 
  • Who is behind such attacks?
  • Are journalists being targeted in general, or just specific high-profile journalists who are accused of being corrupt?
  • Is there a chilling effect on the media that stems from these attacks?
  • Is the Greek media complicit for the current crisis? Did they fail to do their job in foreseeing the economic collapse?
  • How has the media within Greece responded to the threat of violence?
  • What are the linkages between the major channels of media and government and corporate interests? Is there independence?

I will seek to address these questions and more by engaging in conversations with Greek journalists and also through research and analysis. Hopefully, this will provide insight as to why certain people within Greece are finding the need to “shoot the messenger.”

Stay tuned.

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